Please read and understand the contents of this document.  Along with the rental agreement, it will govern your usage of the tap trailer.


When you rent the Growlers to Go Tap Trailer, we want it to make your event great.  Accordingly, we are happy to assist in any way – but there are some important considerations you need to make before completing your reservation.  Do you know how to operate beer equipment and tap kegs, or do you need our help? No matter what, we will deliver the trailer, place it where you direct us and make sure beer is flowing perfectly before we turn over the keys to you.  



We cannot cancel any reservation with notice less than 7 days before your event date (because we have already bought the beer).  You may cancel if you purchase all the beer we have bought on your behalf.


Legal stuff

Per terms of the rental agreement, any damage to the tap trailer is your responsibility. In addition to repair and replacement costs, we can incur lost revenue from missed rentals when the trailer is inoperable.  If we have reservations in our system that we cannot satisfy because the trailer has been damaged at your event, we reserve the right to asses you an amount equal to the lost fees, including sales on beer for that event.  


ABC Regulations

It is your responsibility to comply with all applicable Alcoholic Beverage Control ABC regulations.  If you are planning to sell beer, you must be a non-profit and should apply for and obtain a Banquet License from ABC.  If you do not have proper permits for your event, we are not responsible for any fines or legal action that may ensue.


Understand when you need  an ABC banquet license and  and apply for one here.  


Hire Us to Monitor

If you don’t know how to adjust beer line pressure, you must hire one of our staff members to monitor your event and change kegs when necessary.  If doing so is not in your budget, we will provide you detailed instructions.  Beer systems are not difficult to calibrate as long as you eliminate exterior factors like temperature and keg stability. If you can work a flathead screwdriver, you should be able to handle it.


About Beer Foam

Be forewarned, beer is a finicky substance.  Its willingness to pour well depends on many factors, among them, beer style, temperature, recent keg disturbance (motion), and most importantly, CO2 pressure inside the keg. In general, you should be getting smooth pours if the keg is below 45 degrees F, the keg has been stationary for at least 30 minutes, and your keg pressure is set between 8 and 12 PSI. If those conditions are met, beer should flow at an adequate rate without excess foam.  


But keep in mind, A properly poured beer should have at least a half to one inch of foam if not more.  Therefore, you cannot get any beer to flow without foam – No matter what, you will have some foam in your beer, and that is a good thing.  


Important Note on Service.

We will always try to make sure beer is cold and flowing properly from the trailer.  On weekdays, we are always available to come fix a beer system if things go bad. However, on weekends, we have limited availability to be on call to serve your needs immediately.  If you have concerns about this, please hire GTG staff to be on site. If you do not hire staff to monitor, we cannot guarantee tap trailer service on weekends and holidays.


Try us at 804-367-3073 if you have any problems.